Online Course on Self-directed Learning

With eminent Indian educationist Professor M.M. Pant we have launched a pilot online course on self-directed learning. Over the next six weeks we will be looking at various aspects of self-directed learning – why has it become imperative in the 21st century, what are the dispositions of an autonomous learner, how can these be imbibed, what leads to the a-ha moment, trends in online education like OERs and MOOCs and what should be the end-game of education.
We will be sending out three emails every week. For those who just want an overview of self-directed learning simply reading these emails will suffice; for those who want to dig a little deeper we will provide podcasts and links to other interesting learning resources; and for those who are keen to become über smart learners – we invite you to participate actively in the online discussions and debates that we will catalyse and moderate on the course website. You can register for the course here –

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