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Research and Communication Inter-School Challenge

held at Isha Vidhya schools, across rural Tamil Nadu, from May to July 2019

The Challenge

Participating Schools

Isha Vidhya, Dharmapuri

Isha Vidhya, Erode

Isha Vidhya, Nagercoil

Isha Vidhya, Vanavasi

Isha Vidhya, Villupuram

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Intra-School Winners

Isha Vidhya - Dharmapuri

and the winning team is...

C. Saran & Team

Topic: Forms of Government

Isha Vidhya - Erode

and the winning team is...

Bond Hackers

Topic: Periodic Table (Dheenan, Janani, Nikitha, Sakthi, Tamil Selvan)

Isha Vidhya - Nagercoil

and the winning team is...

Science Chatters

Topic: Creation & Evolution of Life on Earth (Lakshman, Nithya, Selvibala, Jaisree, Ragul)

Isha Vidhya - Vanavasi

and the winning team is...
Topic: Solving Environmental Problems (Sathish, Sree Rishi, Dhinesh, Rajasekaran, Yamuna, Poorani)

Isha Vidhya - Villupuram

and the winning team is...

Green Supply Chain

Topic: Solving Environmental Problems

Inter-School Winners

Isha Vidhya Erode: Bond Hackers

What the judges liked about this presentation was how the team made the topic of Periodic Table so interesting and engaged the audience with interaction and humour.

Janani, Sakthi Sri, Nikitha, Tamil Selvan, Dheenan


Sakthi Sri


Tamil Selvan


An original song about the Periodic Table, along with a choreographed dance, while still presenting the content in-depth, made this presentation the final winner!

**Heartiest Congratulations**

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Water Testing and Conservation

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