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These challenges and competitions are for the schools that are running Timeless Lifeskills Clubs and STEM 2.0 Labs (other schools are welcome to borrow ideas) 

Sustainable living challenge

Rain Water Harvesting | Drip Irrigation Alternate Energy | Cardboard Furniture


Evolution | Environmental Problems Career Choices

Water testing & Conservation challenge

Water Testing | DIY Water Filter | Water Conservation Ideas | Research Report

Robotics Challenge

Design Thinking | Problem Solving Coding | Real-World Applications

Why Timeless Lifeskills Challenges & Competitions?

  • Evidence of deep comprehension of a concept or topic of study lies in the ability to apply that acquired knowledge in novel contexts. Most formal exams don’t test understanding in this manner. Instead they simply test recall of information which has usually been learnt by rote.
  • At Timeless Lifeskills, we encourage the schools we work with, to participate in challenges and competition that give an opportunity to students to apply their knowledge in novel contexts. 
  • Participation in such challenges and competitions also hones skills needed to shine in the 21st-century. Skills like complex problem-solving, creativity, collaboration, planning, decision-making, time and resource management and better appreciation of real-world issues.
  • Some of these challenges we design and then organise intra and inter-school competitions and we also encourage students to participate in regional, national and global competitions.

Timeless Lifeskills Foundation runs intra and inter-school challenges for the rural schools it works with, so that the students get an opportunity to do hands-on, project-based learning where they can apply their knowledge and come up with innovative solutions for real-world problems.

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Water Testing Challenge
Explaining bacterial contamination to the villagers
Robotics Challenge
Research & Communication Challenge
Topics that make students future-ready
A simple award ceremony
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The Challenges

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Research and Communication

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Water Testing Challenge

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Sustainable Living Challenge

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