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Timeless Lifeskills
educational charity
Making Under-Served Youngsters Future-Ready & Life-Ready
With the Right Skills & Dispositions
and Joyful.

Making the Youth Future-Ready and Life-Ready

Why Timeless Lifeskills?

1. Technological Unemployment

Any routine, rule-based job that can be reduced to an algorithm, can now be done better, faster, and cheaper by computers.

2. Job Polarisation

Only the high-skill high-wage and the low-skill low-wage jobs will remain. Mid-tier jobs will be done more efficiently by intelligent machines.

3. Right Skills & Dispositions

To get the high-wage jobs, or to start their own enterprise, young people need to learn the right skills and dispositions.

What are Timeless Lifeskills?

Our Approach

The Layered Cake of Our Workshops & Clubs

Along with the acquisition of knowledge and learning different frameworks of thinking, for flourishing in the 21st-century young people also need to know about the emerging trends and technologies that are shaping their future.

Timeless Lifeskills Workshops and Clubs designed such that the young participants:

  • Cultivate dispositions that make them life-ready
  • Hone skills that make them future-ready
  • Grasp different modes of thinking, and
  • Get familiar with emerging trends and technologies

About Timeless Lifeskills Foundation

Since 2013, Timeless Lifeskills Foundation has been working with under-served children, helping them build skills and dispositions that make them Future-Ready (value-creators and hence employable in the emerging economy) and Life-Ready (healthy and joyful). 

We are working with 20+ rural schools in India, conducting workshops, starting life skills clubs, remote-mentoring, and a lot more. In the UK, we conduct workshops for under-served students, and give presentations and talks to college students and at corporates to raise awareness about the changing context of the 21st-century and how to be successful and joyful in the global economy that is emerging.

What We Do

Fun Workshops

Tinkering Clubs

Teacher Training

Remote Mentoring

STEM 2.0 Labs

Online Courses

Challenges & Competitions

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