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Whether you are preparing for an exam, or want to learn for a new job mandate, or learn more about a hobby, or you simply want to pursue learning for the sheer joy of it, this book will help you improve your self-directed learning skills. This book covers four topics: To Learn, To Know, To Understand, To Perform.


Ability to formulate insightful questions is a timeless life skill. Questions amplify curiosity, focus attention, and trigger contemplative pauses that lead to sense making, and deep understanding. This book explains different questioning strategies, with guided DIY exercises and four case studies.


15-year-old K has pressing questions – What am I studying for? Where am I headed? Will I be able to get there? What, indeed, is “there”? A lightning flash of an episode pushes him into seeking the answers as he learns – If you learn for the joy of learning, you’re bound to win the battle.


Cut to the Chase is a weekly interview series with professionals in different fields. We want to give our young audience a sense of what a typical and a not-so-typical day feels like in that profession, how can a young person prepare for entering that profession… stuff that will help youngsters make wise choices.

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