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Water Testing Challenge


Water Testing Research Report

Your Research Report should be about the water quality in a few villages around your school. For example, you could collect data from the same 10 villages in different seasons and test the water for seasonal variance. Or, you could collect samples from bore wells that are at different depths – 30 feet, 50 feet, 100 feet and test for variance in water quality based on depth of water. We encourage you to come up with your own interesting and relevant ideas and hypothesis for your Research Report.


Make a DIY Water Filter

Using materials easily available, make a low-cost, easy-to-carry water filter. Take contaminated water and test it. Put the remaining contaminated water through the water filter you have made. Take a sample from this purified water and test it again. Give before & after data and give your inference on how effective your water filter is for different types of contaminants.  Is the water filtered through the Water Filter you have made potable? How can you be sure?


Water Conservation Research Report

Conduct research and answer the following questions. In your Research Report, you have to indicate the sources you refer to (ensure that your sources are reliable).

  1. How did earth get water? Explain the different theories.
  2. How much water is there on earth? How much of it is fresh water?
  3. What is embodied water and Virtual Water Footprint?
  4. What is biological water purification?
  5. How serious is the water crisis in India and what solutions are experts suggesting to deal with this crisis?
  6. Suggest some ways of water conservation.

Participating Schools

Water Challenge Photos.012

Isha Vidhya, Cuddalore


Isha Vidhya, Dharmapuri


Isha Vidhya, Nagercoil


Isha Vidhya, Tuticorin


Isha Vidhya, Vanavasi


Isha Vidhya, Villupuram

Photo Gallery

Inter-School Winners


and the winning team is...

Isha Vidhya Vanavasi


and the winning team is...

- Joint Winners - Isha Vidhya Tuticorin & Villupuram


and the winning team is...

Isha Vidhya Tuticorin

Heartiest Congratulations!

Winning Entries

Challenge-1 Winner


Isha Vidhya Vanavasi Team

Challenge-3 Winner


Isha Vidhya Tuticorin Team

Challenge-2: Joint Winners

Isha Vidhya Villupuram Team


Isha Vidhya Tuticorin Team


Sincere thanks to Navya and Manan for conducting a few training workshops

Navya, student at Cambridge University, UK

Manan, student at St Paul's School, London

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Equipment Used for the Challenge

Tara Enviro's Jal Tara Standard Water Testing Kit was used for the tests

Video Tutorial on How to Use the Kit

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