About Lesson

In the Timeless Lifeskills Digital Media Skills club, after the ‘Design Your School Website’ project another project your students can do is create different types of animation.

We have created another free course on animation by curating videos from the web that give an overview of the art of animation and also explain the basics.

We suggest, over one school term, your students can either create one big project like a 5-10 minute animated movie for which they will have to write the script, design the sets, do the shoot, perhaps even add music and then do the final editing; or, your students can try different activities over the school term like animate a well-known short story, or animate something for the school website, or animate a topic of study say digestive process, solar eclipse, cell division and so forth.

Students can also try ‘Pixilation’ which is animating real people. This can be a lot of fun as shown in the videos curated under the Pixilation section.

Students can export their animation as a movie which can be uploaded onto a school YouTube channel and put on the school website, or they can also export short animations as GIFs and share on social media like WhatsApp, Facebook etc with their friends.

The collection of videos curated for designing the course is only suggestive. Those students who find animation interesting can find thousands of videos and other free learning resources online.

Happy Animating!