An Inner Compass

If our children are destined to be doing jobs that haven’t been invented yet, have you thought about how we, as parents, can equip them for a future we cannot even comprehend today? The only thing certain about it is that it will be fiercely competitive.

In an ubër wired world with unbelievable access to reams of information, at the touch of their fingertips, children today are all sharp, intelligent and super-capable.

What then would set anyone apart, when the going gets tough?

Timeless Lifeskills thinks about things like this.

We feel it’s an inner compass that we need to build on – one that encourages the child to think for herself, and drives in her the passion to learn. Our new attempt that aims to speak to children today about these concerns (in a language they understand!), is a comic e-book that shall play out, through the power of engaging storytelling, the impact of self-directed learning skills.

Do support our campaign. And hurry, it ends on May 20! – Comic eBook on Self-Directed Learning

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