A Scenius for K

In the science of ideas, sometimes called ideonomy, we have what Brian Eno calls, ‘scenius’ – “Scenius is like genius, only embedded in the scene rather than the genes. A communal form of genius.”
With your help we want to create a ‘Scenius for K’, the 15 year old hero of our comic ebook.
And, from the comments we have been getting it seems that the creation of such a scenius is already happening, for K and for the team behind K!
Uzma Aslam Khan, a Pakistani author says, “A wonderful project. I think a lot of people are thinking about this, but also not doing much about it. It takes hope and innovation. I wish the team, the best.”
Deonne Newby, Assistant Manager at Peacocks Academy, an East London based charity offering alternative provisions to young people aged 14-19 years who are at risk of exclusion in main stream education reiterates the social benefit of the project, “We often deal with very independent, quite challenging, individuals who do not necessarily respond to the conventional methods of learning and thus we are always looking at other ways for students to learn, and more importantly enjoy learning. I feel that the comic ebook project could be something to look further into in regard to supporting our learners.”
There is also traction in the corporate world. According to Nishma Gosrani, Director, Deloitte Consulting, London, “The ability to unlearn and relearn, to continually reinvent yourself, all life long is imperative for thriving and being successful in the corporate world. This is a fantastic and innovative tool – a great way to entice and encourage young people.”
Mr Suhil Radia, MD, Westminster Healthcare, London notes, “This is an excellent initiative by Timeless Lifeskills. In the days of just in time marginal learning one needs an ability to distinguish between facts and opinions.”
Pooja Guha from New Delhi, who works in the eclectic field of cultural branding for corporates (putting her LSE degree in Social Anthropology to good use, as she likes to say!), is highly supportive of the comic ebook. She shared with us the insights she formulated while working on a project recently which involved studying child representation and iconography in Indian culture, “Alongside the dominant stereotype of the stimuli-laden digital native, a new alternative and very niche profile is also emerging – a child who is encouraged to step out, make mistakes, be curious and play and live in an environment where boredom and free time are not bad words.”

It’s what we’re telling K too, Pooja – thanks!
Our crowd funding campaign to create a comic ebook on self-directed learning is progressing well. 24 contributors have already helped us raise £3,500, which is 35% of our target amount of £10,000 we need to create the fully illustrated comic ebook, in English and in Hindi.
Help us raise the balance. Ask your friends, family and colleagues to open their heart and their wallet and make an online contribution (any credit or debit card or Paypal account will work) – Comic eBook on Self-Directed Learning

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