The Amazing History of the Universe – in Hindi

Arvind, a software engineer by profession and a lifelong physics enthusiast, and I have collaborated under the ‘Timeless Lifeskills’ banner, to produce a video series in Hindi titled, “Brahmand Ka Adbhut Itihaas”. Over 13 episodes we narrate the history of the universe from its creation to the expansion of intelligent life on planet earth. 

There are plenty of resources available online in English on ‘Big History’, a term generally used for the 13.8 billion years scientific history of the universe, but similar resources are woefully lacking in Hindi (and in other languages). Filling this gap was our primary motivation in creating this series.

While these videos are only a beginner’s introduction to the important events that shaped our universe and our planet, we hope that they will inspire our young audience to take that next step and dwell a little deeper into this fascinating story. We start this 13-episode journey with an introduction to the series:  

The formal subjects one studies at school are often organised into neat packages that don’t seem to have much to do with each other. This story touches on a variety of disciplines like cosmology, physics, chemistry, biology, geology, anthropology and more, and we hope that by the end of this series our audience would’ve learned that these syllabus and exam-driven boundaries are superficial, and there is an amazing continuity in the human scientific endeavour. Moreover, the ability to connect the dots between different disciplines, to find an innovative solution to a complex problem, is a Timeless Lifeskill!

Over the last 4-5 years that I have been conducting workshops in rural/remote schools, I have observed that the lack of good quality learning resources in Hindi and regional languages puts the students at a disadvantage. This video series is a small step towards bridging this content divide. So please help spread the word about availability of this video series and let anyone in your circle, whom you think will directly or indirectly benefit (students, teachers, parents, school/college principals…), know about the availability of this learning resource by sharing this post, sending the YouTube link as an email or as a Whats App message, tweet about it, subscribe to our YouTube channel, or in any other creative way!

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