Support our Crowd-funded Comic eBook on Self-Directed Learning Skills

If you, like us, are concerned about how children are learning (or not learning) these days, consider joining us in creating a ‘Comic eBook on Self-Directed Learning Skills’ that will provide information and guidance to young adults on how they can become better learners. They will also find reading our comic ebook on their iPod, smart-phone or tablet pretty cool!
In the comic ebook, K, our 15 year old hero dives deep into understanding the dynamics of learning. He learns about the works of psychologists and neuroscientists and figures out the dispositions he needs to cultivate to become an inspired learner who yearns to learn and can make the most of the abundant learning resources available today at a click of a button.
The comic ebook will be created in English and in Hindi and will be very moderately priced so that it is within the reach of many.
We have launched a campaign to fund the comic ebook on the crowd funding website, Indiegogo. For as little as £2 you can support our project. Please click on the link below.

Please also consider sharing this message. We want to attract a crowd!

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