Exhibition at The White Eagles School, April 2016

After the 3-day workshop on Tinkering with Electronics and Robotics, on the fourth day, an exhibition was organised at The White Eagles School, where not only the projects completed during the workshop were on display but students also showcased many other projects they had worked on in their school. These projects were on Science, Social Science, Maths, Hindi, and Art. Students from other rural schools in the vicinity were invited to attend the exhibition. The objective was to expose them to these projects and get them excited about learning so that in future an outreach programme can be started.

On the table, we have electronic components mounted on wooden blocks. The students used these to learn about circuits. The two excited students are holding what is called an ‘Energy Stick’ which lights up and makes sounds when its two ends are touched with a conductor. Here the kids are holding hands, thus completing the circuit and proving that human body is a conductor

Class-5 student explaining to the seniors how to make an Art Bot!

Last year I had done a workshop on how to make Stop-Motion Animations with The White Eagles School students.
Here they have made a car race animation using play-dough and are explaining how it is made to the onlookers.

Google Cardboard, the Virtual Reality viewer that uses any smartphone and a free app, was a big hit!
In the background, on the table, ToothBrush Bots are on display.

Electronic Cards made with LED, Copper Tape and Coin cells are on display here.

A fantastic model that uses motors and pneumatics (water-filled syringes) is on display here.
Raj, the student, made it at home, all by himself. Great tinkering spirit!

A simple projector! Made by students in the school.

A siphon-based water fountain. Another science project made at school.

A battery made from lemons

Social Science exhibits hall 
An electronic display of the cities associated with the French Revolution. A social-science project.

Art exhibits, all made by the students.

More art exhibits

Young students of the school got a guided tour of the exhibition

Children from other rural schools in the vicinity were also invited

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