Cut to the Chase with Education Evangelist Prof M.M. Pant

In our weekly interview series, Cut to the Chase, where we chat with Professionals at the Peak of their Game on what advice they have for young people, this week we are in conversation with Prof M.M. Pant, a master of many disciplines – a physicist who taught at IIT Kanpur, former Director of Computing and Pro Vice-Chancellor at IGNOU, a CEO and a lawyer! An evangeliser of new education models using emerging technologies and innovative pedagogies, Prof Pant looks ahead to his future self as “a full time storyteller for the rest of my life.”

At Timeless Lifeskills we consider him our mentor-at-large and fondly call him Madan Morpheus Pant, as he often gives us the red pill and makes us see deep into the rabbit hole of the 21st century and beyond.

Whether you are a youngster figuring out how the velocity of current socio-economic change is likely to impact you, or a parent, or a teacher, be like Alice and dive in… 

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