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1.3 Pause & Ponder

Critical & Creative Thinking Activities

1. Sit in a circle and play the Chinese Whisper game – one student whispers some words to the next student, who whispers the same words to the next student… and the last person says the words out loud. Are the words the same as what the first child spoke? They rarely are!

2. After a few rounds (which will hopefully be a lot of fun), discuss with the students why does the communication breakdown?

3. You could also ask them to come up ideas on what could be done to make sure the message does not get distorted (e.g. the person hearing the message whispers it back to the first student to make sure s/he heard it right).

4. Think of different ways of communicating with a friend who is standing say 100 feet away. For example, you could use sign language, or make a telephone with two cans and some thread, or you could just shout! 

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