Build Your School Website

1.4 On a Tangent!

Think Like a Spy!

The website design project is all about communication. You could do a fun activity – Ask the students to design a code language which only they and their friends can understand.

When I was a kid, I and my cousin use to write letters to each other using a simple code. It was absolutely thrilling for us that we could communicate with each other without our parents understanding what we were writing! Our code was very simple. You make a grid similar to the grid you make in the knots and crosses game. Then you write three letters of the alphabet in each of 9 sections of the grid. Like this…

Then to write any letter you draw the shape of the box in the grid where the letter is located and put a dash. For example, notice that in the above image, I have put dashes for the letters that appear in my name (A T U L). So in the code, my name would become…

Decipher this and have some fun!

With senior students, you can take the idea of writing something in ‘code’ and talk about encryption and cryptography – How are online credit card transactions made secure? How do cryptocurrencies work?

With younger children, you get them to make invisible ink and write secret messages using lemon juice (you can also use a candle to heat the paper):

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