Build Your School Website

3.x Pause & Ponder

Develop Your Thinking Skills

1. Ask the students to look at some websites online and see which ones they like and which ones they don’t. Discuss what makes a website appealing to them and why do they not like about some websites? It could be the design, or perhaps the colours, or maybe the ease of navigation, or use of photos, or clutter etc that makes a website more or less appealing.

2. Ask the students how do they think blind people use the computer and the internet? Or how do people with hearing disabilities watch movies? They could also go online and find this out. Later in the course, we will discuss ‘Universal Accessibility’ – how to provide equal access to information to people with disabilities. Such questions and exploration will make the students more sensitive to the needs of other people.

3. Discuss with the students why is it important that a person with a disability have equal access to information?

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