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2.3 Pause & Ponder

Suggested Critical Thinking Exercises

1. How is instant communication impacting our modern-day life? When letters sent by post were the fastest means of communication no one expected a quick response but today, in the age of email and instant messaging, expected response time is hours if not minutes. What are the pluses and minuses of instant communication? E.g. instant communication can be very helpful during a crisis like warning the public about a natural disaster, or when people mark themselves “safe” on Facebook after an emergency situation. But instant communication also leads to gossip and wrong/fake information being disseminated very fast (this happens a lot on WhatsApp groups in India 🙂)

2. What are the pros and cons of virtual communication? When we meet someone face-to-face we see their expressions, body language etc. But now so much communication happens that is not face-to-face. What are the downsides of not having a face-to-face communication, what are the upsides (one upside, for example, is that a teacher can be in one location and the students can be in another, at another time, much like the students watching this video, yet students can become self-directed in their learning and learn on their own. Such asynchronous communication opens up so many possibilities).

3. Are the rules of a language, like grammar, more important? Or, should the rules be bent if that improves communication? For example, in instant messaging, if I write “ok” “OK” “ok 🙂” “ok 😜” “ok 😡” they all convey different meanings. “ok” is a simple ok, “OK” (in all caps) is when a parent tells their child to come home on time and they say ok but they are not happy about it, “ok 😜” means ok let’s pull that prank, “ok 😡” means ok I will do it but I am angry about doing it. Emojis can be very helpful in communication that is not face-to-face because they add a layer of meaning that in face-to-face communication happens through the one of the voice, expressions and body language. If emojis are so good then should students be allowed to use emojis in their school essays?

4. How will communication get impacted with Virtual Reality and Holograms?

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