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1.0 Introduction

The Rationale for Starting a Digital Media Literacy Club in Your School

Timeless Lifeskills Clubs & Tinkering Labs focus on making students Future-Ready, i.e. having the right skills to create ‘value’ whatever shape the future takes, thus becoming employable, entrepreneurial, and fit even for the gig economy; and Life-Ready, i.e. having the right dispositions that ensure a healthy, purposeful, and joyful life.

In this first section, I explain the rationale and pedagogical approach we take to deliver skills and dispositions much needed to flourish in the 21st-century. I also explain the hands-on, project-based approach we adopt in running the Lifeskills Clubs and Tinkering Labs.

I hope this course will prove useful not only for the schools we work with but also for teachers and students in other schools, who could use these videos as a resource to start life skills clubs in their own schools.

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