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Learning to Build a Website

In this course, you will learn how to design and build a website. In the process, you will improve your communication skills, which have become absolutely essential for success in the 21st-century.

Designing and building a website is a great way to learn digital media skills, which are a Vocational Skill 2.0 that enhance employability in the digital media field and are a big help in the gig or freelance economy where ability to design your website and the underlying communication skills you will learn will help you in promoting your venture.

Learning Outcomes

  • Build digital media competencies
  • Build life skills like communication, creativity, collaboration, planning, decision-making, time management, resource management, and comfort with technology
  • Build Vocational Skills 2.0
  • Learn about target audience definition, audience needs analysis, information architecture, design basics, and user experience.

End Result: An elegant and responsive website that you will build using free tools like Mobirise and WordPress.


User Avatar Atul Pant

I am the Founder & Trustee of Timeless Lifeskills Foundation, an educational charity based in London. I have been conducting life skills workshops in schools and giving talks at Universities and corporates, in India and in the UK, since 2013 and I have been in the e-learning industry for 20+ years. I regularly create digital content and YouTube channels in English and in Hindi.

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  • Atul Pant

    Very useful!

    Information is nicely presented, well-chunked.
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